6 comments on “The “Difference” between the Canadian Lynx and Bobcat

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  3. There are Lynx in Alaska too. I’m not sure if they’re the Canadian or Siberian type(or some kind of cross) They are quite large here. Otherwise, great article! Thank you.

  4. Great article since especially since we’ve had one around our property this winter! It’s usually cruising around at the end of our road, but yesterday morning as I was getting into my truck to go to work, there he was under the bird feeder! We stared at each other for a few seconds before he ambled off into the woods! Wish I had my camera on hand! We have wolves around too and I am wondering if they normally share hunting territory? This lynx didn’t seem too alarmed when he saw me, I thought they were shy creatures! Anyhow, great article, thanks for sharing the info!

  5. I live in Oregon, and I am certain that I saw a lynx in my backyard. It was in pursuit of a rabbit. It stopped 6 feet away from me and we looked at each other and both ran opposite directions. Everyone says there are no lynx in Oregon, but from the photos you have it looked like the lynx with a summer coat, not quite so long.

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