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  3. As far as I am concerned, anyone who benefits financially from the hunting of lions, should not be trusted to make a respected opinion. Greed motivates many.

  4. I will attempt to tweet all their names so Twitterr knows they support murder in the name of ‘conservation’

  5. These hunters have one creed and it is done of blackmail… They blackmail the governments of African countries… Their statement is simple… Let us kill your animals for fun and we will help fund the protection of those we decide not to kill. The logic of lunatics.

  6. I do not think that hunting and shooting wild animals can possibly help to conserve what is left of the world’s wildlife. Indeed the number of many species is haemorrhaging out of control. So many so called hunters, are nothing of the sort and are amateurs at best and make horrific injuries first on a given animal with arrows (quite often), and this is unacceptably cruel. The only reason for killing an animal these days should be because it is a human killer or it is unacceptably injured. Posing with a trophy is disgusting. Trophies should be made from metal not flesh! We have to find other ways of raising money. Hunting just gives oxygen to those out to make money for themselves.

  7. I think we are in a difficult position here. Scientists have to be completely objective. From the perspective of population ecology, are they simply saying that the six-year rule does not have a negative effect on populations (though I can’t see that it would be a general rule across all lion populations)? Does this mean that they are actively promoting DSC policy? If I were a scientist and the science says populations aren’t negatively affected, then those are the facts, it would not stop me feeling utterly sickened by those who would kill a magnificent animal just to display a head on a wall. This is an ethical matter for human beings to resolve. Personally, I would have to speak out against it. It seems to me that many scientists are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just because they say it doesn’t negatively affect populations, doesn’t mean that they necessarily agree that it’s ethical to go out and slaughter lions. I do have an ancient degree in environmental biology and, with this dilemma, so sad to say that I’m glad I’m not involved!

    We would all have been sickened if the great Jericho had not stepped up to adopt and protect poor Cecil’s cubs, but they would soon have been replaced by offspring of another male, whether or not Jericho himself. I do not believe that Palmer had the moral right to instigate such a role of the dice.

    I heard Oxford University WildCRU’s Professor David MacDonald being interviewed about this shortly after Cecil’s murder (not a scientific term as the dictionary definition refers only to humans – but blow that for a game of marbles!) and he sounded decidedly uncomfortable. I believe they receive some of their funding from SCI or DSC (not sure which), I don’t believe that this necessarily compromises their scientific integrity, but it does make it impossible for them to speak their minds from a personal perspective if they wish to keep their departments and jobs. Conservation can indeed a murky business.

    I’m only asking if we know for sure where these people stand personally before we villify otherwise reputable scientists. I’m scratching my head as to how we resolve the funding issue.

  8. The funding issue must be resolved.

    Even if killing males over five years old doesn’t have a negative effect, neither does it have a positive effect. It certainly doesn’t make it right. It is therefore a matter of human morals and ethics.

    Had the great Jericho not stepped up to adopt and protect poor Cecil’s cubs, no doubt they would have been killed and soon replaced by another male’s cubs, whether or not Jericho himself. Had such an event involved a different male, that could have entailed the loss of Jericho too. But, hey, what the hell! Jericho is over five! So we could have lost him and his cubs too! Team Cecil/Jericho minimised, if not negated the risk of this happening, however old they are/were. This was a matter for nature. It was not the right of the bumbling, incompetent Palmer to cast those particular die – not to mention the cruelty issue as Cecil suffered for two days before being put out of his misery. For what? The inflated ego of a ‘man’ with more money than compassion and sense?

    The collective human conscience must and will put an end to trophy hunting. The scientists may well be right, but I doubt the six year ‘rule’ would necessarily applies across all lion populations.

    We need scientific research. Lions need it. But that involves asking the right questions. Not SCI/DSC asking scientists ‘what is the minimum age at which we can kill male lions without negatively affecting populations?’ and then promoting the results as pseudo-conservation propaganda.

  9. This makes me sick to see these humans make horrific choices. We need to love and support the wildlife and I will share this on social media.

  10. They are not “hunters” and they DO NOT “harvest” (pathetic euphemism to soften the implication of “killing”). They are self-entitled animal killers and destroyers of endangered species. They are self-appointed CON-servationists who dwell under the misconception that they have the right to tell the world what should be done with and to animals. Yes, we should indeed remember these names. The despicable killing of Cecil and Ronnie Rhino, at least served one purpose, it made the public aware of the stuff these type of “hunters” are made of.

  11. Thank you for the enlightenment here! If anyone believes that hunting wild cats or any form of wild-life is helping numbers, then they haven’t looked at wild-life records.

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