8 comments on “Submit comments to USFWS to list lions as “Endangered”

  1. Dear America. Lions are an endangered species. As you all know there’s not many of them left in wild. So please please. Ban lion trophy hunting ❤️

  2. I believe it is impertive for the survival of the African Lion that we put them on the Protection list.Lions survival depends on the strength of their pack.This is impossible with human intervention.We must ensure nature has a free rein to thrive and live freely.

  3. We need to stop the killing of lions for sport. They have the right to live their lifes as we do. Why do we want to wipe out a species of animals for sport or poaching? That does not accomplish anything please stop this insane practice an leave the animals alone in Africa.

  4. Please act now and try to save the few remaining because tomorrow will be to late and mankind would have lost the most majestic cat of our time because of irresponsible corrupt lack of respect for these cats and there purpose on this planet! That would be the start of a steep decline of mankind!

  5. Please end and ban trophy hunting , this is wrong and inhumane for big cats , please respect and responsible animals alive , protect and save big cats , Thank you

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