9 comments on “Let the TRUTH be KNOWN ~ Please Blog and Share !!

  1. AS an expert on Tiger,s Behaviour and Management of Wild Life Reserves I fully in verbatum agree with the comments. In no way T-24 can be branded as man eater or dangerous to human beings, in other words the behaviour of T-24 was that of a perfect wild tiger. Its shifting to Biological Park was result of bad management by un trained officers from Top to Bottom.

  2. Please ensure justice by his freedom. Humans kill their own children in name of honour killing and escaps law. Pls understand, he needs freedom.thank you,

  3. Dear Nilanjan, good argument against the bloggist Aditya Dicky singh.
    I personally, confirmed know that he is a hotelier. He facilitates personal guests of Tiger Watch NGO as well as tourists of hotels he is ‘PERSONALLY’ and ‘PROFESSIONALLY’ associated.

    I also had a full day online argument with him and his wife who came to rescue her husband from a T-24 supporter. May be either they sensed my personal linkage with his well-known customers and ultimately withdrew from the argument.

    I live in Udaipur where T-24 is kept in prison, isolated, covered, very small enclosure (compared to his natural area), under CCTV eye and away from all wild sounds and scenes.
    He must be going under psychological isolation trauma, unattended, ignored, convicted.

  4. Everyone knows what went down…and who the culprits are…it is totally unjust and these people will eventually pay for their sins against a beautiful tiger…long live Ustad T-24…

  5. Thanks to Mr Salwan, he is an expert in this field, also thanks to Mary Taylor, Anitha and Mr, Dubey. HOPE MANY MORE WILL RAISE THEIR VOICE.

  6. Thank you, thank you for this. The real truth is finally coming to the surface. Ustad can’t talk, but we can.

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